Mission AThe English Language Center is a student-oriented Intensive English Program whose mission is to deliver research-based, competitively priced instruction to international students as they prepare for success in a diverse and changing world. We are committed to the discovery and development of human potential and strive to help all learners reach their personal, academic, and professional goals through transformative education.

To achieve our mission, the ELC faculty and staff upholds the following principles, adopted from the Principles of Ethics for ACCET Accredited Institutions.

  1. Provide programs of study that are educationally sound, up-to-date, of high quality and demonstrably effective
  2. Maintain fair, ethical, and clearly stated advertising, admission, and enrollment practices
  3. Provide effective student counseling and motivational programs that recognize individual differences and ensure successful student preparation, retention, and graduation
  4. Demonstrate the ultimate benefit of private educational training programs through satisfied participants
  5. Maintain an effective peer review system that ensures proper and ethical administration of all financial operations of the institution
  6. Maintain a system of checks and balances to ensure program and business alignment with accrediting standards
  7. Demonstrate a commitment to educational services through community involvement and participation
  8. Demonstrate the effectiveness of private education and training, thereby providing essential skills to support bilingual success in the United States
  9. Promote continuing education and training programs of the highest quality and integrity

*Principles adapted from ACCET (2012). Principles of Ethics for ACCET Accredited Institutions

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